Probate Valuations

Valuations for insurance. Why a professional valuation could save you money every year

Most insurers of High Net worth properties will discount insurance rates if a valuer has accessed your collection. Your Insurers may grant “Agreed Values” o you won’t  have to prove your loss. The valuation could pay for itself! But doesn’t it cost the earth? We think that is shouldn’t do! Why not find out?

We will provide you with an accurate inventory of your items and photographs thus establishing the correct level of insurance and a record of your items to establish proof of ownership. Many people are penalized for not having the correct level of insurance. Don’t  let it be you.

Valuations for sale Downsizing? Scared of throwing away a valuable heirloom?

We provide free verbal valuations for sale.The auction and antiques world can often seem to be a minefield when it comes to selling art and antiques. Utilising our contacts and our working relationship with leading auctioneers, we’re able to promote your items to a wide audience. We’ll place them in the most appropriate arena and oversee the sales programme ensuring that the sale will be run as smoothly as possible.

Our fee for this service is paid by the auctioneer. To find out more about our art valuations and antique valuations, please contact us today and we’ll  be happy to help.